Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 32 Update

We're officially starting the eighth month this week. Just a few more, okay 8, weeks to go! It honestly seems like we were just at Week 20 and halfway through this adventure.

I finally broke down and created an Amazon Baby Registry. It has all the gear I talked about in this post, plus other items I've thought we might need or others have suggested (three guesses on the only two items Eric has added to the registry). You can see what we've got on the list by clicking on the link above or going to and searching for either of our names on the Baby Registry list.

Within the last week I've been really tired all the time. I still get up for my two potty breaks per night, but now it's getting harder to get back to sleep. The smaller bladder and activity usually wakes the Niesling up so he starts moving or hiccuping and then I can't get back to sleep. Thank goodness for weekends and the time to take naps.

Here are pictures for the last two weeks, I'll hopefully have 32's up soon as well.

Week 30

Week 31

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