Friday, April 29, 2011

12 Month Checkup & Cupcake Love

Today was Elijah's 12 month well baby check up with Dr. B. It went fairly well. He is still on track for height and weight and the nurses and CNP we saw had nothing but good things to say about him. He got blood drawn for anemia and lead testing as well as his vaccines shots (hep A, MMR, and chicken pox). He cried quite a bit after the shots, but it had already been a long morning for him and he is now zonked out in his crib for what will hopefully be a long nap.

They also told me that the doctor still wants us to see the Facial/Cranial specialists in Rapid City because his head is large for his age. I don't know if it is necessary but the doctor wants us to do it. I plan to go along with it unless they decide he needs a CAT scan. I'm going to need some pretty darn good reasoning to allow that. For now it sounds like they will merely be doing measurements and looking at his head shape from the outside. If I don't hear from them next week I am supposed to call in, so it sounds like it will really happen this time.

In happier news, Elijah is one year old! His actual birthday was spent at home since the weather was rainy and cold but he did get to see both sets of grandparents which always makes him happy. I posted a video of him enjoying his first taste of cake, but below are the photos that show his initial disdain for the cupcake to his complete joy. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Biggest Milestone Yet

Last weekend we had a party to celebrate Elijah's first birthday (which isn't until the 27th but we had the party a little early). During this fun time Eli had his most important milestone: first cake. He was not into it at all in the beginning, but after tasting a little frosting off my finger, he LOVED it. There is no question now, he truly is our son.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who needs football anyway?

Introducing the craze that will soon sweep the nation... 
With color commentary from Dad and crowd comments by Mom and Grandpa George.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And He's Off!

So, as has been mentioned before, Elijah can get himself from Point A to Point B quite well through his adorable crab-crawling. He has also been cruising around using his cart for some time now as well. He can also crawl up the stairs on his own too! (Sadly, no pictures of that. Yet.) Starting a couple weeks ago Eli began to walk around without holding on to furniture or fingers. His confidence has grown and he moves around all on his own. I'll turn around to find him right behind me! The good news is he also recognizes that the wood and tile floor are slicker than the carpet because he stops, gets down on his knees and crawls then. Thanks to the advice from some friends, we also got him some great socks/shoes called Skidders that fit wonderfully and keep him from sliding around. I still have a couple months before he's running, but I have already started to prepare myself for it.

And now... On to the pictures!

Friday, April 1, 2011

More Like Daddy or Mommy?

Most people do this before their baby is born, but I've just recently started thinking about what attributes I want Elijah to inherit from Eric and I. So here's a few I wanted to share.
  • Eric's musical taste (rather than my "like anything with a good beat" taste)
  • Eric's blue eyes
  • My hair (rather than Eric's lack of)
  • Our shared love of books and reading
  • Eric's energy and need to be active AND
  • My ability to sit and do nothing for hours 
  • My strong bladder that can withstand hours in the car without stopping
  • Eric's driving ability (rather than my propensity to back into other cars)
  • Our shared love of chocolate
  • Our competitive streaks
  • My photogenic smile (rather than Eric's strained, I'd-rather-be-behind-the-camera look)
I can't wait to see what our little man is going to be like (he already has my clumsy tendencies... hopefully he'll grow out of it). No matter what, we'll love him forever.