Friday, November 19, 2010

Sickness in the House of Nies

November has been a tough month for the Nies family so far.

Elijah had his 6 month doctor appointment at the end of October and we discovered he had a slight ear infection in each ear. The doctor prescribed amoxicillin to clear it up. Eric and I both had a lot of ear infections as children (my mom says I had some really bad ones) so I thing Eli will get them too. The small of that pink bubble gum medicine brought back a lot of memories for me. Poor Elijah got some pretty bad diaper rash because of the amoxicillin. The rash was almost worse than the initial ear infection. So he was a pretty unhappy baby for two weeks. Then once he was better he had to get his six month and
flu shots. Thankfully those didn't upset him too bad. He is back to being healthy and happy, despite some congestion. Plus he even had a good day at Bible study yesterday! And one side benefit of him being sick is he is napping better than ever! Granted it's still happening on me or our bed, but at least he's doing it pretty consistently twice a day.

Eric and I had food poisoning earlier this month after I made spaghetti for lunch one Saturday. Thankfully Elijah was sleeping really well because he wasn't feeling well so the two of us could be sick all night long without having to worry about him too. I got over the sickness quicker than Eric, who still accuses me of trying to kill him.

With us hosting Thanksgiving at our new home and everyone feeling healthy again, the rest of November should be better!