Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feelin' Crafty

Now that Elijah is at the age where he spends lots of time entertaining himself, I needed to find hobbies for me. After the busy book I made I decided some sort of sewing would be a good hobby. I could keep myself occupied and make useful projects. Somehow (I don't quite remember how) I ended up crocheting. I've done several projects (scarfs, toys, dishcloths) and have many more in the lineup. I've also expanded my crafting to more sewing. Below are completed, current, and upcoming projects.


1. Sewn ABCs for on the plane (Eli wasn't much interested this time)

2. Sewn clutch for passports & money when I didn't have a purse

 3. Crocheted elephant with bow tie for my cousin's baby due in July

Current (no pictures until completed):

1. crocheting my first granny blanket - it's turning out great but way more time consuming than I expected

2. project for busy bag exchange - velcroed craft sticks (more on that later)

3. snack train for Eli's birthday party next week - I'm so glad I saved all those saltine boxes

Upcoming (pictures of inspiration projects):

1. pocket purse - I like my current purse but I really enjoyed making that clutch and want to try my hand at a full bag

2. car seat organizer - we're looking to take at least two car trips this summer and I think this would be better than Eli's toys just rolling around in the backseat

3. busy book - also for the car trips; the first was was much bigger than I wanted

I also have at least 5 crochet projects I want to do. I think it's going to be a busy summer!

Requisite Eli picture

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a very full and happy Easter weekend here at the Nies house (aside from 4 days straight with no quality naps). Saturday we attended the city egg hung and it was chaos. Eric was walking back from parking the car and heard a huge yell go up when they let the kids go for the eggs. It only lasted about 30 seconds and then we lined up for a picture with the Easter bunny. Eli wasn't too sure about it when we took the picture, but wouldn't stop watching the bunny afterwards. It was very cute.

  Dying Easter eggs the Wednesday before with Nana and Papa

 Wondering whether he should get upset or not

Sunday we had breakfast with my in-laws and an egg hunt for Eli in our living room. He had a great time. I'll post the video soon of the search and celebratory dance. Then we had breakfast and attended the lovely Easter service at church. That was followed by lunch at Aunt Kim and Uncle Thom's. Eli had such a great time there he fell asleep on the drive home.

Monday, April 2, 2012

March Trip to Switzerland

Elijah and I (along with my mom) went to Switzerland for two weeks in March for my grandpa's 80th birthday party. We had a great time relaxing with family. The only outings we had were to the kids' zoo in Rapperswil and the Zurich zoo. I'm so glad we went; I want my family there to see Eli as much as possible. Here are some pictures:

Aunt Trudi, Eli, and V enjoying some Gummi Bears on Grandma V's laptop 

 Didn't take Eli long to take over Aunt Trudi's living room floor

 Feeding ponies at Knies Kinderzoo

 Petting goats at Kinderzoo

 Feeding Aunt Trudi's rabbits

 Enjoying a bath at Great-Grandma's
 Had to visit the cows at least once a day at Great-Grandma's

 Lovin' on the cats

 Eating paprika shells for his daddy

 Admiring a peacock (who later tried to snatch a candy bar from him - while he was eating it)

 Saying hi to the chickens

 Walking with Great-Grandma

 Planting flowers with Grandma V

 Four generation picture

 Eli, cousin Anna Laura, and Lanos playing

Final breakfast in Switzerland