Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beginning of the End

We are officially into our ninth month! Only a couple more weeks until we get to meet the Niesling!

I have to say I'm very excited to start this new phase in our lives, but at the same time, as it draws closer, I'm more and more nervous about the labor part. I know it'll all work out, but just the unknown and the pain factor is starting to set in. I'm holding off on being really scared mostly because I know it won't do any good at this point. (But it still sometimes keeps me up at night.)

We had another doctor's appointment last Tuesday the 23rd. It went very well. The usual pee in a cup, weigh in, and blood pressure check. Dr. B also did the Group B Strep test, which we will get the results for next week. She then checked if I was at all dilated. She said my cervix is softening, but no dilation or effacement. We will now have an appointment every week until birth. The next appointment is Tuesday the 30th.

I will also be finishing my last three days at my current job this week. After March 31st, I will be a professional stay at home mom, albeit without the baby at first. I'm going to use this time to finish organizing the baby's room and things, packing my bag for the hospital, resting up as much as possible, and just mentally preparing for the Niesling. I am very lucky to be in this position of staying home with Eli, which I realize is not an option for many women. I look forward to spending every day with my baby and not missing anything.

Last weekend, two of my dearest friends threw me a baby shower. Many of the women that are important to me were there from family to friends. There was good food, funny games, and amazing gifts. Eli is going to be so blessed to have all these women in his life, especially the women who hosted the party, Lexi and Ashley. The girls also have basically decorated the Niesling's nursery. I cannot thank these two enough for their generosity and friendship.

My mind seems crowded these days with thoughts and worries, none of which I can pin down now. I'll just say that not an hour goes by without me being amazed by this baby inside me and being anxious to meet him.

Week 34

(Yes, we did miss Week 35 pictures. I will tell you though that I haven't gained much if any weight in the last week or so. Also, we measured around my belly and it has increased about .5 inches in that same week.)

Week 36

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Happened in Weeks 32 & 33

Now that it has been almost two weeks since I last posted, I suppose I can update the blog again.

On March 3rd we had our last doctor's appointment. Dr. B actually had to go see another OB patient at the hospital so we met with her Nurse Practitioner Cathy. She is also a very nice woman. Everything was good at the appointment from my weight to the baby's heartbeat. Cathy, who is also a labor and delivery nurse as well as having taught years of Natural Childbirth classes, and having 10 kids of her own was a fount of knowledge. She showed me the pelvic thrust move (on your hands and knees moving your pelvis up and down to help shift the baby and stretch) which has been really helpful when the Niesling starts making me uncomfortable. She said if you do it before bed it helps most women sleep. I have been neglecting that pre-bedtime exercise and haven't been sleeping well, so I guess tonight I will start up again!

Our next appointment is not until the 23rd as Dr. B will be out during the week I should have had my two week appointment. After the next appointment, which is during week 36, I will be going in once a week for a check up until delivery.

Eric and I also decided that I will be done with work after the last week of March (barring any unforeseen complications). After that I can get everything ready, from washing baby clothes and setting up the baby's room to just resting up for labor and having the Niesling. Part of me is worried about keeping myself occupied for that time, but I'm sure it will fly by and no one actually knows when Eli will be making his grand entrance.

Last night I attended the local hospital's breastfeeding class. I already knew a majority of the information from reading books and attending the childbirth prep class, but I did learn a few new pieces. And yes, I will be breastfeeding Eli. It just seems like the natural choice, why wouldn't I choose to do so?

At the end of the class I got to tour the hospital's labor and delivery rooms. They have an excellent set up where you stay in the same room that you give birth in. They will only take you off the floor if you have to go downstairs to surgery for a c-section. The hospital also lets you keep the baby in-room as much as you like or you can choose to have them in the nursery while you rest and recover. The rooms also include cable TV, DVD/VCRs, wireless internet, and my favorite part, whirlpool tubs. I don't know how much distraction I will need during labor, but I will probably take advantage of the tub. According to the nurse, they want to monitor the baby for at least 20 minutes of every hour while you're laboring, but other than that you can be in the bath or up and walking.

Needless to say, I feel much better having seen the hospital and where we will be during delivery. Eric did not attend the class with me, but I hope to get him to the hospital soon just so he can get a tour as well so he knows where the heck he's going when the big time comes.

Other than those two exciting events, the last couple weeks have been relatively quiet. I'm so tired at the end of the day that I can't work up the energy to do much. We spend the majority of our time relaxing. There's still plenty of bathroom trips all day, as well as getting up at night because I can't sleep. I've been eating constantly as well (those three rounds of breakfast are great!).

The Niesling is running out of room to move now. When I'm sitting at work or home he's constantly moving and pushing my belly out. I've just reached the point where it's uncomfortable, but I'm fine with that. I can take a little less comfort as long as my baby is healthy and still doing well. He also usually has the hiccups at least once a day. This occurs after I've eaten and am relaxing on the couch or (of course) when I'm trying to sleep at night. Eric can feel the little movements with the hiccups and it makes him smile every time.

Like I said, everything is going great, we're just trying to survive the next 5-6 weeks before we get to meet our little man.

Week 32

Week 33