Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally Settled

Last week Eric and I chose and bought living room furniture. With this purchase, we are fully moved in and set up. Or at least until we decide to finish the basement in a few years. While I was comfortable before, I now feel like we're really here. We don't have to lay in bed or go down to the basement to read. We can also entertain without forcing guests to sit on the floor! (We didn't really do that - just spent lots of time at the dining room table.) (Which is good because we're hosting Thanksgiving this year... Wish me luck with the turkey!) I'll try to get some pictures taken and up on the blog this week. I'm very pleased with our new chairs and look forward to lots of time spent on them.

In other news, my grandparents were here from Switzerland for the last two weeks to meet their first great-grandchild, oh and to see the rest of us too. Elijah was a little hesitant at first but by the end was letting great-grandma hold him without crying and tugging on great-grandpa's beard. (My grandfather looks like Santa Claus. Really. I'll get a picture of them up too.) It was wonderful to see them again. We're planning on going to Europe next year to see the rest of my family again and maybe do some traveling. But they, understandably, couldn't wait that long.

As far as our most recent baby issue, sleeping, is concerned it seems to be going better. He's slept through the night the last two nights (which I'm sure I have now jinxed for tonight by blogging about it) and takes cat naps on my lap when we're not running around. My plan is to try moving him to his crib for naps soon, but may just forgo the whole thing as it works alright for us right now.

Since sleeping is working out again, my biggest Elijah problem is separation anxiety. Since I'm a stay-at-home mom it's generally not an issue. The only people he has been alone with our my in-laws, but he has no problem with them. Where things are going wrong is for my Thursday morning Bible study. They have a nursery run by wonderful women, but Eli is just not comfortable there. I have gone five weeks and he has cried each time. Not necessarily for the entire two hours, but for quite a bit of it. I wasn't worried at first; I thought he merely needed some time to adjust. But it doesn't seem to be getting any better. And while I don't mind checking in with them and trying to soothe him, it's not worth it to me if I miss the group studying and lecture. I'm not giving up by any means, but am frustrated. Eli does need to overcome this fear but I'm sure we'll get there.