Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a very full and happy Easter weekend here at the Nies house (aside from 4 days straight with no quality naps). Saturday we attended the city egg hung and it was chaos. Eric was walking back from parking the car and heard a huge yell go up when they let the kids go for the eggs. It only lasted about 30 seconds and then we lined up for a picture with the Easter bunny. Eli wasn't too sure about it when we took the picture, but wouldn't stop watching the bunny afterwards. It was very cute.

  Dying Easter eggs the Wednesday before with Nana and Papa

 Wondering whether he should get upset or not

Sunday we had breakfast with my in-laws and an egg hunt for Eli in our living room. He had a great time. I'll post the video soon of the search and celebratory dance. Then we had breakfast and attended the lovely Easter service at church. That was followed by lunch at Aunt Kim and Uncle Thom's. Eli had such a great time there he fell asleep on the drive home.

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