Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cat, Walking, Sick, Big Head, Blonde News

It has been over 10 months now since Elijah came into our lives and changed them forever. Even the cat has had to deal with change. She is no longer the favorite (not that she ever was with Eric) and she has this little human grabbing at her constantly now. But I must say, she tolerates Eli remarkably well.

(In other cat news, we are no longer attempting to pawn her off on someone. She and Eric have made up after I went down to feed her and discovered a small leak in our basement. Had I not had a reason to go downstairs in the first place, who knows how long it would have been before we noticed the water.)

Yeah, I'm okay with him until he rolls that thing over my tail.

Elijah has been working hard to be able to get around on his own. He can already crawl quite well, and we're almost walking alone after months of walking around using Mom and Dad for support. He has taken a couple steps completely on his own but does not have the complete confidence to do more than that. Thanks to his American great-grandparents he now gets around the house pushing his cart. While we still have to turn corners and such for him, it's one step closer. It really is a matter of days until he's running (and I'm running a few steps behind him).

Zoom zoom!

Eli has been sick the last few days, but it really only slowed him down one day (Monday). It's been your standard cold: slight fever, cough, runny nose, and extra tired. He's doing better today and I'm hoping he'll be back to his continually happy self by the weekend.


I mentioned a while ago that at Elijah's last doctor's appointment she mentioned his head is in the 99th percentile (while height and weight are both 50th). She recommended that we see a specialist to check his head to make sure everything is going well. I haven't heard from them yet so there's no news. We're not really worried about it anymore. He's a happy, healthy boy who is developing right on track. I'll bring it up at his appointment next month, but for now everything is fine.

I bet my big head can beat your big head.

He is still showing a preference for blonde women. Still not sure why, but it is very cute how he smiles and flirts and charms them. Below are pictures with two of his favorites.

Grandma love!

Smile at me some more Great Aunt Kim.

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  1. How sweet! Sean has his eyes on blondes too...what is up with our little men?! I can't wait to see these two toddling around together.