Friday, April 1, 2011

More Like Daddy or Mommy?

Most people do this before their baby is born, but I've just recently started thinking about what attributes I want Elijah to inherit from Eric and I. So here's a few I wanted to share.
  • Eric's musical taste (rather than my "like anything with a good beat" taste)
  • Eric's blue eyes
  • My hair (rather than Eric's lack of)
  • Our shared love of books and reading
  • Eric's energy and need to be active AND
  • My ability to sit and do nothing for hours 
  • My strong bladder that can withstand hours in the car without stopping
  • Eric's driving ability (rather than my propensity to back into other cars)
  • Our shared love of chocolate
  • Our competitive streaks
  • My photogenic smile (rather than Eric's strained, I'd-rather-be-behind-the-camera look)
I can't wait to see what our little man is going to be like (he already has my clumsy tendencies... hopefully he'll grow out of it). No matter what, we'll love him forever.


  1. Wow! A fully narrative post and not just pictures! I am impressed. And yes, I can't smile . . .

  2. I think Eric works best when he doesn't know he's going to be photoed. I've caught a few good ones of him over the years.

    I think you've just hit on one of the most wonderful things about being a parent....wondering what our kids are going to look and act like and who they'll get some of those traits from. Each one is different too. I used to be so impatient waiting to see some of these things with Celia and I've learned that sitting back and enjoying the ride is one of the perks to being a parent. They'll even surprise you with things you don't know where they get them from.

    Awesome post!