Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 29 and Picture Comparison

Week 29 started with the Niesling and I still doing well. Eating every two hours (approximately) and going to the bathroom just about as often are still the norm for me.

Last Friday we also had a doctor's appointment. Eric missed out on talking with Dr. B because he had to go back to work. She measured my uterus (29 inches!) and listened to the baby's heartbeat (140 bpm!). We talked a little and she answered a couple questions I had, primarily about doctors in Spearfish (I think we'll stick with her for both the Niesling and myself) and putting together a birth plan. From what I've read, that's a big part of preparing nowadays, having a typed up birth plan to give the doctor and anyone else you may come into contact with on the big day. Dr. B said she doesn't find it necessary as we will discuss all of the issues before the Niesling makes his/her first appearance. I think I'll look over outlines on the Internet and in books just to give me and Eric ideas on what we will be facing and questions we need to think about.

I also had my glucose test at last week's appointment and we just received word today that my glucose levels are normal. Dr. B's nurse Anna did say my iron levels are a little low and so I need to be taking a supplement for it, but it is nothing to be concerned about. Whew! I was really worried I would be giving up sugar for the next 10 weeks. The next doctor's appointment is set for the 19th. We will be seeing her every two weeks until the end of March (week 36) then will be in to see her every week. It's getting so close!

Eric and I have also scheduled another ultrasound next Wednesday. We want to try to get the Niesling to loosen up a little and show us his/her goods. Also my parents will be there for this one so that will be exciting for all of us.

Today was exciting for me as well because the baby was continuously moving while I was sitting. Before there was movement when I was relaxing at night or in bed, but now the Niesling is making his/her presence known all the time. And you can see the bulges in my belly where a foot or elbow is pushing for more room.

I do have pictures for week 29, and for comparison purposes have included the very first pictures from week 8. You can definitely tell a difference now! Thankfully the difference is pretty much only in my belly and hair increases. I didn't realize how big I had gotten until I looked at these pictures side by side!

Week 8

Week 29

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  1. Crazy to think that in just a couple of months we will get to meet him or her! Looking cute!