Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 28 Update

We are officially in the 28th week/seventh month/third trimester! It feels like we just found out I was pregnant and we're already two thirds of the way to a newborn. I hope these next couple months go by as fast as the rest have.

I know I said I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment this week, and we were, but we had to move it to next Friday, February 5th. Unfortunately I don't think I can avoid the glucose test any longer than that. But I would like to get it done and make sure all is well with me and the baby.

We would also like to do another ultrasound in the next couple weeks to see if we can identify gender. It is driving us both crazy. Ok, it is mostly driving Eric crazy. But I would like to know as well.

I've been feeling good lately. A little tired as I'm getting up at least once a night to use the bathroom and the Niesling has taken to waking me up at 5am with his/her movements and then I usually don't get back to sleep. Everyone says this is good preparation for having a newborn in the house, and I'm sure they're right, I just wish I could get in all the sleep I can these last three months. I've also been a bit emotional; either I can cry at the drop of a hat or I'm depressed and can't perk myself up. Luckily Eric has been great in helping me cope and do what he can to cheer me up.

I've been very lax in the picture posting arena lately, so below are weeks 22-28. You can definitely tell I am pregnant now. The maternity clothes and sweats are all I can fit in, but I don't need much else. Also, please excuse my hair and facial expressions. We usually take the photos after I get home from yoga when I want nothing more than to sit down and have something to eat. Now that I'm aware of it though, I will try to look happier from now on!

Week 22

Week 23

Week 24

Week 25

Week 26

Week 27

Week 28

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  1. Yay for your baby belly! You are looking very good! Keep the posts coming!