Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Gear to Get

Like I mentioned before, I really have no idea what a baby needs. So thanks to the advice of friends and family and this great blog (and others), I have some ideas now. Below are the items that Eric and I are looking into getting or what we would love to get if someone wants to give a gift to the Niesling.

Boppy Pillow (& Slipcover or Slipcover)- According to the majority of blogs I have read, this is a great pillow to have. It really helps to position the baby for breastfeeding and also helps the baby with tummy time. I love that you can buy the pillow and multiple fun patterned covers.

Bumpo - Apparently this seat is amazing for helping babies learn to see and keeping them in one spot for a least a little while. It was recommended we get one with a tray.

Activity Gym
- Once again, great for tummy time and most babies love them.

Pack 'n Play - Highly recommended. Eric and I are going to buy this one and use it instead of a crib for the first couple months so we don't have to get a crib while we're moving from trailer to house or wherever we may be when the Niesling is born.

Infant Bathtub - I know you can bathe a baby in the kitchen sink or the bathtub, but this tub comes highly recommended and seems safer than letting my baby just sit in the kitchen sink.

Baby Monitor
- I don't think the new versions that monitor baby movements (for SIDS) or even with video are strictly necessary, but it would be nice to have a simple audio monitor system to keep track of if the Niesling is crying.

Bjorn Bib - The Niesling won't need this for a while, but we have friends who use these bibs and they are amazing. Their little boy simply eats out of his bib.

Crib - This is the style we like, but want it in a light color or unvarnished so that we could finish it in the color we want. We also would like the changing table and dresser to be in the same color/finish.

Changing Table - I'm not sure how terribly necessary a changing table even is. But it would be nice to have one.

Dresser - We have to have someplace to store all the cute clothes and diapers!

Carrier - I don't think I'm a sling kind of girl, but a carrier would be nice to have so I can keep the Niesling with me while I do household chores and such.

Snuzzler - I'm worried about our baby being too small for the car seat after first being born, but this Snuzzler looks like the perfect way to adjust for that. It was appears that this will help support the baby's head and neck even after he/she could fit in the car seat themselves.

Below are a few other pieces that we want but are not as specific as above.

Clothes - Who can resist cute baby clothes? Especially those shoes!
Blankets/Swaddling Blankets
Pacifiers (apparently there is way more controversy over pacifiers than I ever thought possible)
Humidifier - I don't know if this will be needed, but I want to keep it in mind just in case.

And of course, anything Packers or Cardinals. But please, no Vikings or Yankees gear.

I do plan to breastfeed so I also want to look into nursing covers and possibly a breast pump. It's probably not a bad idea to have bottles on hand too, just in case.

Any further suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Very great ideas! That FP Rainforest activity gym in the very one we have and I LOVE it! Graco pack n play is the way to go! The bibs are great...and yes, they do still eat out of them!

    And sorry about already breaking the Vikings rule...especially after tonight. Really sorry!

  2. Hey there! I signed up with Planning I get coupons and offers in my email from them that are awesome. Here's one of the offer codes that I got for "Udder covers" Go to: and use the code Family2010 to get a Nursing cover set for $5 +shipping. I already used a previous code to get an udder cover for free, so I don't think I need to use this one too. As for the Boppy...I found it very awkward when trying to nurse Cel, but it was kinda handy for when she was starting to sit up And Playtex makes bottles that are great for nursing moms: They are wide nipple bottles and they come in Ventair, Drop-in or classic styles, but the wide nipple makes it more like you...which helps prevent 'nipple confusion'.