Saturday, February 13, 2010

Childbirth Prep Class

Today for the next step in our journey towards parenthood, Eric and I went to a childbirth preparation class at Rapid City Regional. (They do not offer the class in our town.) It was very informative and Eric in particular felt he learned a lot. Some of the information covered was:

  • Discomforts of pregnancy and how to relieve them ,
  • Warning signs of labor,
  • Stages of labor,
  • Positions for labor,
  • Pain management, and
  • Delivery.
We also got a great booklet to read through that will help us.

The part I'm most concerned about at this point (once we get to the hospital) is the pain management. I can freely admit that I am a wimp and will need drugs. But other than that I'm trying to keep an open mind and just see how things proceed before deciding on what to go with. The idea of an epidural worries me a little, but I do feel better today after the class and seeing the small catheter they insert into a woman's back. And learning that it does not actually penetrate the spine.

As we were sitting in this class, Eric kept leaning over and whispering to me with an evil grin, "Are you ready for this?" (He also kept mentioning how glad he is that he's a man. Imagine that.) Well, it's a little late for second thoughts. I used to think I never wanted kids or wanted to adopt (which I would still like to do) because I couldn't handle childbirth. But really, what is there to worry about nowadays? Every person on Earth came into being from a woman. If they can do it, I can. While I am slightly scared and nervous, I know Eric will be with me and I have a great support system beyond him. Just the thought of all those people put me at ease. (But I still don't understand people who choose to give birth at home rather than a hospital. Why not take advantage of medical technology and be where they can take care of you and the baby if something happens?)

Due to weather, Eric and I did not go back to the class after lunch. The roads were not good coming home and we felt we had gotten our money's worth out of the class already. Plus they were doing the tour for half of the afternoon and as we will not be delivering at that hospital, we felt it was unnecessary. However, we can get a tour at the hospital where we will be delivering just about anytime we want.

In other news, we purchased our Pack 'N Play! So really we had two big steps today towards the Niesling. As I have mentioned before, this is what we will be using instead of a crib for the first few months (unless baby decides otherwise of course).

All in all, it was a very educational day and only makes me more excited to meet our baby.

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  1. I think you share the same worries as all pregnant women. Even though this is our second, I am still worried about delivery. I had an epidural with Celia and it was definetly worth it. It is so much safer than narcotics because it doesn't affect the baby. And it is painless to get and you don't notice it's there. And your anesthesiologist will be able to adjust it for you. You can have a full epidural or a 'walking' epidural (that uses less medicine so you don't lose motor control and you can change positions in bed if desired.)

    I'm so excited for you guys! And I'm here if you ever want to chat about concerns and trepidation. I know that I'm full of anxiety right now.