Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 31 Doctor Appointment

This past Friday I had another doctor's appointment, and like most of the rest, there's not much to report.

I went in, peed in a cup, was weighed, and had my blood pressure taken. Nothing worrisome there. Then Dr. B came in and I got to meet her nurse practitioner who seems like a very nice woman as well. The doctor measured my uterus, 31 inches, and listened to the Niesling's heartbeat, 140 bpm. After that she asked if I had any questions and since I didn't, I was free to go. It took all of 30 minutes from check in to co-pay. Hopefully the next appointment, Wednesday March 3rd, goes as well.

Other than our ultrasound on Wednesday and this doctor's appointment, week 31 was rather uneventful. I ate a lot, peed a lot, and had trouble sleeping a lot. I'm sure that's how life will continue to be until the Niesling decides it is time to make his appearance.

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