Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

A wonderful Christmas was had by all here in the Nies house. Because Elijah was getting over a cold and we would be out most of Christmas Day, we spent Christmas Eve at home together relaxing. Christmas morning Eric's mom and brother came over for brunch and gifts. We then went to Rapid City for the big family get together. Unfortunately my mom had to work and Les was sick so they missed it and were missed. Nonetheless we had a good time and Eli was great until he started getting tired. We managed to get home, bathe him, and have him in bed by his regular bedtime. Then Mom and Dad got to relax too!

Elijah and one of his favorite uncles

Christmas present from Uncle Jason

More interested in the bow than the present (of course)

Sitting at the "kids'" table

The "adults'" table

Cuddling with Mom

Checking out all his new stuff!

Trying out his walking toy from Grandmother and Granddad

Now riding the new toy

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas as well! Enjoy what is left of 2010!

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