Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nies News

Here's just a couple updates with our family:

1. Thanksgiving went really well! It was wonderful to have the family to our new house. I'm already looking forward to more get togethers here. The ladies were wonderful and helped cook. I did realize however, how short stocked my kitchen is. I borrowed a roaster, serving dishes, silverware, table cloths, a coffee maker and other stuff. And luckily no one got sick. :)

2. Elijah is being a great little napper. He still cries before actually falling asleep but that is getting shorter everyday. Today he had such a busy morning with playing at nursery during my Bible study and then lunch with Daddy and Grandma Kris he was out after only 15 minutes of crying. And I can definitely tell a difference in him. He's even happier and smiles more than when he didn't nap. I hope we can keep this trend going. In attempts to do that, I'm not scheduling any appointments or outings during the afternoon until napping is so well established we can miss one day without if affecting him too much.

3. We're still waiting for the next Niesling to make his appearance. Eric's brother Jared and his wife Sarah are expecting with their due date being tomorrow. I think Sarah is as ready as I was (as ready as all women are at this point). Hopefully she doesn't have to wait as long after her due date though. It'll be great for Elijah to have a cousin so close to his age. I'm so excited for them!

4. I'm trying to get Elijah and I out of the house more. We go to Bible study every Thursday morning, and started attending the local library's storytime this last Tuesday, but I would like to find at least one more outing for us to do each week. Playdates are always great, but with winter here the park is pretty much out of the question. Anyone have suggestions for me?

That's about all that is new around here. I hope to have new pictures of Elijah and our house up soon!

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