Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick Update

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be the big day, but I think we'll be waiting longer than that. I have not had any contractions and what I have felt has either been my imagination or went away as soon as I switched positions. As much as everyone is ready (Eric is constantly asking where his baby is) I think Eli is going to hold out for a little while.

At my last doctor's appointment she said I was not quite 2cm dilated and she stripped my membranes (separating the amniotic sac from my cervix). That doesn't seem to have done much, but I have no way of checking to see where I'm dilated now. Our next appointment is Wednesday morning so we'll see what she has to say then. (As much as I want to not make that appointment because the Niesling is born I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing Dr. B in her office before we see her in the delivery room.) However, she did tell Eric last week that she would not let me go two weeks without inducing. Hopefully that means if we don't have the baby by Wednesday we can talk about when to induce at the appointment.

I'm off to rest and watch A Baby Story on TLC. Then I'll be taking at least one walk this afternoon in hopes of moving the Niesling along. I'll try to keep everyone updated either by phone call, facebook, or posting here!

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