Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Crafting

We had a wonderful Christmas at our house. Despite Elijah being sick the weekend before, and me half sick the day of, it was a great time. My mom helped me cook a delicious Swiss meal and everyone laughed at the amazing goofy gifts we exchanged.

I'm thankful it's over though. Back to regular routine for Eli and I. Which includes my usual sewing time. The weeks leading up to Christmas were busy ones for me and fraught with tension as I hurried to get gifts finished by the big day. Next year I definitely need to start earlier. Below are some of the projects I presented to those I love. (The links provided show where I got patterns or tutorials.)

A stuffed teddy bear for my nephew's birthday

Crocheted minion for a friend

Crocheted Hobbes for Eric 

Crocheted owl TP cover for goofy gift

Sewn purse for a friend

Rice bags for family members 
(by next year everyone will have gotten one from me)

Hot pads for mother-in-law and sister-in-law

Mug rug for my mother-in-law 
(yes, there is a story behind the skull fabric)

Fabric box, rice bag, and mug rug for Eric's co-worker

Denver Broncos colored afghan for friends

And, of course, while I was taking these pictures Eli had to get in on the fun and photobomb me.

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