Sunday, December 15, 2013

Transformers: Eli Style

People always told me that kids find a toy and become obsessed with it. I don't remember doing this as a child but Elijah proves the theory true.

He LOVES Transformers. The original and the more young kid-friendly Rescue Bots. He is constantly drawing and playing with his various Optimus Prime toys. 

(And of course requested to be Optimus for Halloween.)

He also thoroughly enjoys Legos. So why not combine his two loves?

He is very specific on how they transform. If you do it wrong he will let you know. Below is an example:

Above is plane mode. 

This is truck mode. 

And here is guy mode. 

Suffice to say, if Eli turns out to be a car designer, we will have the best vehicles in town. 

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