Monday, April 7, 2014

More Than Meets the Eye

It's still Transformers all the time around the Nies house. Eli loves his toys that are Transformers, and turns others, like Legos and cars, into them. He will not draw anything else and is constantly requesting to look at pictures of Transformers. Not to mention watching the original show on Netflix, the current offshoot of Rescue Bots, and reading the books he has that include Transformers. AND they are included in the story (or continuing saga, if you will) Eric tells him every night before bed.

He has reached the point where he looks at a picture of a Transformer (say, Sunstreaker), then he draws his version of Sunstreaker, and proceeds to build him out of Legos. He is very precise in his building and transforming. It's almost a point of pride for him. 

He also enjoys playing that he himself is a Transformer. His current modes are "guy", "box", and "lion".

 Here is Eli with some of his Transformers (toys and Legos) all in "guy mode". 

 The same Transformers in "vehicle mode"; Eli is in "box mode".

 Ultra Magnus - drawing by Papa, aka Les Nies and built by Eli (guy mode, front view)

 Ultra Magnus - (guy mode, back view - green Legos in place of gray)

Ultra Magnus - (vehicle mode)

I have a feeling we will be enjoying the company of Transformers for many months to come.

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