Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bullet Point Update

  • I used to think that people who called their children by the wrong name were a little silly. I can understand if the names are similar (say, Jared and Jason) but when they are not even close, I just couldn't understand why they couldn't get it right. Well, I did it myself today. For the first time, I called Elijah Eric. So I'm done with mocking other people about it. 
  • I know Elijah has always been on the bigger end for his age but I never thought of the impact it would have on me. Carrying his 20 lb body around has given me pain in my entire left arm, but mostly in my wrist. I think it has also thrown my back out of alignment (which I have problems with anyway). But hopefully a visit to the chiropractor will help!

  • On the other hand, hauling a baby around so much has really increased my arm strength. My left arm strength at least. An example of this: last Sunday I went bowling with our church youth group and throwing a 12 lb ball down the lane is much easier now. As evidenced by my seven strikes and six spares over two games.
  • I don't want to jinx anything, but Elijah has continued to be an excellent sleeper. Not only are his nights 11-12 hours long, but he consistently naps twice a day for at least a couple hours. If we're not home in the morning, which is when I try to do our outings, he takes a longer afternoon nap. For never napping the first 6 months of his life, he's certainly making up for it now!

  • I don't think it's been evident in the last few pictures I've posted, but Elijah has teeth! His bottom two teeth popped out the week between Christmas and New Year's. Just like everything else about him, they are (excuse my language) frickin' cute. No evidence of more teeth to come anytime soon, but I'm glad he has some!

  • In another big boy development, Eli has started his more advanced babbling. Mostly baba, dada, and badabada but it's coming along quite nicely. He loves watching me say lala so I'm sure that will be next, though I'm really pushing mama.

  • I don't think I've mentioned it before, and if I have I'm sorry to repeat myself, but Elijah shows an interesting preference for blonde women. He has met women with several different hair colors, but he smiles and giggles and stares at blondes the most. I'm not sure why this is because the most beloved woman in his life (his mama of course!) is NOT blonde but maybe he has inherited his father's fascination with the flaxen haired maidens (which Eric no longer has - of course).

  • As it is NFL playoff time, I thought I should mention we are firm Packers supporters. Because they have won the last two games while we were wearing certain pieces of apparel we will be sporting them again this Sunday night. Go Packers!

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  1. Sean also has a soft spot for golden locked ladies.....I don't understand it either. But he has never met a blonde he didn't like. What sweet men you have!