Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Day, Another Doctor's Appointment

Today we saw Dr. K again. It was a relatively simple checkup. We did get to hear the Niesling's heartbeat, which was exciting. The doctor figured it to be about 140 beats per minute. Since we didn't get to hear it last month, it was great to get it this time. That was about the extent of the appointment. She answered a couple questions for us, including mine about morning and night pains. She said as long as the pains don't last very long and there's no bleeding with them, everything should be fine. She also agreed with Eric that I can exercise everyday and it would help me be in better shape for labor. Dr. K said she wasn't worried that I haven't gained much weight yet. That eased my mind, as I've only gained a couple pounds. I am hungry all the time, so I'm sure I'll start putting on more weight soon. Our next appointment is scheduled for December 9th, where we will have an ultrasound and hopefully find out the baby's gender!

Other than the appointment, things have been relatively normal. I'm eating about the same, and appear to be finished with the sickness. I did get the H1N1/swine flu shot last week, although it seems as though that has calmed down as well. I am still sleeping a lot, including at least one nap per weekend. I do crave pancakes all the time though...

Also, congratulations to our friends the Nevins who found out they are having a boy!

Hopefully I will have the next round of pictures up soon.

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