Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Life around this Nies household have been crazy lately. Eric has been working very hard and seems to have a lot of meetings. I haven't been so busy, but time has just been flying by. Even though that's easy to say when you seem to spend all your extra time sleeping.

It did help that we took a week off to go visit Eric's brother Jared and his wife Sarah. They were kind enough to host us for Thanksgiving in Litchfield, IL where Jared is currently doing his vicarage. Litchfield is a great little town and they are staying in the parsonage, which is great. We spent most of our time there just relaxing and enjoying time with Jared and Sarah. They cooked some great meals, which was especially good for me as I'm still hungry all the time.

On the way to and from IL, we also stayed with our friends the Nevins near Omaha. We love spending time with them and it's even better now as they are pregnant too. You can imagine how much time we spent discussing baby names and poo colors. Their daughter Celia was there this time, so we got to hang with her as well. She was especially enamored with Eric and he with her. I think it just reaffirmed his desire for a daughter.

I also bought my first maternity clothes with Cara. Three pairs of pants, which are still just a little too big. But I don't think it will be long before I fit in them, as I seem to be finally getting the classic belly. Which is good because the regular pants are not going to hack it for much longer.

The most exciting part of our vacation, aside from feeling the baby kick more and spending time with some wonderful people, was hitting a deer on the interstate 30-some miles from home. Luckily all three of us seem to be fine and we have insurance to cover the damage. Eric and I will be down to one car for a few weeks, but that's a small price for all of us to be safe and sound.

Because of our vacation, we did miss week 19 pictures. Below are weeks 17,18 and 20.

Week 17:

Week 18:

Week 20:

Also, just a reminder that next week is our next doctor's appointment when we will hopefully find out the gender!

Oh, and I still want pancakes all the time. :)

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  1. Yay! Maternity clothing...I know some aren't so excited about it, but I would be! Thanks for the post, sorry about the deer though!