Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weeks 14 & 15

Things have been pretty calm around here lately. I'm sleeping extra when I can, including 12 hours Friday night and then an hour nap on Saturday afternoon. Despite having built in extra hour last night with daylight savings time, I was up early this morning. Eric has been good about letting me take a nap if I'm tired.

One more recent development has been my almost constant hunger. The nauseousness and queasiness are pretty much gone. The only time my stomach is upset is if I get hungry and don't eat. Consquently I've got snacks everywhere, from trail mix and fruit at work to cheese and salad at home. I feel like I'm eating a lot but am only slowly gaining weight. I'm not weighing myself every morning like I was before but feel healthy. Which I think is more important.

Last week was my birthday, my last one without a baby. And as one of my coworkers put it, my last one as Michelle. From now on I'll be "Niesling's mom". Which is fine with me, just made me pause for a minute and realize how much my life is going to change. Only for the better, but still different. It's a new chapter in my life I'm really looking forward to.

With everything that was going on, Eric and I missed a picture for Week 14, but below are Week 15 pictures. I am getting a bigger bump, but I think it's more obvious when I'm wearing a couple layers of shirts.

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  1. So glad the sickness has pretty much ended for you! Great update...keep them coming!