Friday, November 18, 2011

Talking Check Up

So we didn't actually meet with a speech therapist yet. We met with a very nice woman from the local Birth to 3 program to see if we qualify for speech therapy. She tested Eli's hearing and we did the Denver Developmental Screening Test. Eli is above his age group in everything except verbal. He understands a  lot just doesn't communicate verbally. He doesn't even really use "mama" or "dada" although he most definitely knows who we are. Because of this lack of words, we qualify for him to see the speech therapist. However, I chose to take two months and work with him myself. We'll try sign language (he already knows the sign for cookie and we just started an hour ago) and other suggestions Karin left with us. If he doesn't speak or sign a minimum of six words by the end of January we'll for sure be seeing the therapist. (The six words don't have to be "real" words- they can be "Eli" words as long as he uses them consistently for the same object.)

As one of our friends pointed out to me, Elijah is really an observer. He watches other kids and adults for a long time before attempting it himself. For instance, he didn't climb the playground equipment at the park the first several times we went. He contented himself with playing in the rocks and watching other kids. Now he can climb like a monkey. I'm sure this is another aspect where he will talk when he's comfortable with it.

I'll keep everyone updated as Eli starts talking more.

He already has his own cell phone and babbles into it.

Plus he knows how to use Daddy's cell phone too.

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