Wednesday, November 16, 2011

18 Month Well Baby

Today Elijah and I ventured to the doctor's office for his 18 month check up. Aside from his shots (which we are done with until kindergarten now thank goodness), it was a relatively easy appointment.

1. We got updated stats and percentages.

Height: 2 ft 7 in (12th %)
Weight: 29 lbs 2 oz (84th %)

Because his weight percentile is so much higher than his height, this skews Eli's BMI to pretty high. But like Dr. Becky said, he doesn't look fat so nothing to worry about.

2. Developmentally most toddlers have about 10 words at 18 months. Eli knows LOTS of words, but he doesn't speak them. He babbles a lot but doesn't use his words to communicate. However, the boy does know how to get his point across. Because I spend all day every day with him, I know what he is trying to say and so he's not required to tell me. Dr. Becky and I agreed that is most likely why he isn't verbalizing as much yet. If I tried to have him tell me what he wants, he merely gets frustrated and cries. I do spend most of my day talking to him, reading with him, and telling him the words of the world around him so I know he is getting the information. The doctor did recommend meeting with a speech therapist just to get some tips on how to help him verbalize more so we'll be doing that in the coming weeks. I suppose I should enjoy this quiet time now...

3. During our recent vacation, Eric and I started discussing Eli's constant congestion. I have been congested seemingly all my life, so it is no big deal to me but Eric had some concerns so I talked to Dr. Becky about it. She said as long as it's not affecting Eli (and it doesn't- he sleeps and breathes just fine) there is no reason to worry about it. On the other hand, she had no problem with us adjusting his diet (i.e. removing wheat or dairy) to see if that could be the issue. Perhaps we'll try that eventually but for now, a humidifier in his room and warm baths will do.

After the shots, Eli got a new book and some stickers which perked him up quite well. But he still avoids those nurses as much as he can.

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