Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 9, Post 2

Thanks to everyone for the great response to my blog. I know you haven't all left comments, but just hearing that you're reading it inspires me to keep going.

Hence this, the second post.

I said in the first post that I didn't seem to be having too many symptoms, right? Well one that I am having over and over again is FBT (aka Frequent Bathroom Trips). These FBT have now progressed in the last week to include the infamous ENITMOMPSFBT (aka Every Night In The Middle Of My Precious Sleep Frequent Bathroom Trips). And as it usually does, my feet on the cool linoleum and just having to get out of my comfortable bed for these trips wakes me up enough that it takes me a few minutes to get back to sleep. So while I lay there, praying Eric will stop snoring, I usually start to compose blog posts in my head. And at that time they are always brilliant, riveting, and full of amazing insights. Sadly by the time I get up the next morning, all these awesome thoughts are gone from my head. And so you are left with this.

In the great tradition of many pregnant couples before us, Eric and I have decided to do weekly pictures to follow the physical changes pregnancy imparts on a woman's midsection. As such, here is the first set, taken on the Saturday night of week nine. (We're not even officially parents yet and already are weekend nights are going down the tubes!) (I can't believe I'm really going to post these on the internet for anyone to see, but here goes.)

In addition to FBT, I have now another symptom of pregnancy to add to the list of having experienced. Luckily I don't mind this one nearly as much. On this long Labor Day weekend I ended up taking four naps totaling between 5 and 6 hours. While I've been slightly more tired the last few weeks, this was the first time I actually was tired enough to sleep during the day. Unfortunately, I do have to go back to work tomorrow, which is going to greatly impede my naptime. I'm hoping I'll either have time for a catnap during lunch, or right away when I get home, or that maybe the tiredness will restrict itself to the weekends. Sadly, I don't think any of these options are very likely.

I think that is all the updates for now. Hope everyone had a great long weekend and I'll post again in the next couple days!


  1. I'm a total facebook creeper, and some post by your hubby helped me find this site. I am your newest follower... just thought I'd let you know :)
    p.s. these pics are officially the least amount of clothes I think I've ever seen you in. You look great... but I'm excited to start seeing the 'baby bump' or 'Niesling nub' or whatever you will be calling it!

  2. Cannot wait to start seeing the baby bump either...way to go on post #2!

  3. lots to say and YES, I found the time post a comment. My first blog! Anyway - to get over cool linoleum is put some rugs down. Often times Trigger gets me up in the middle of the night and I figure - if she is going to go to the bathroom so should I. But my feet never touch cold floor.....just a word to the wise. Jason was never a fan of rugs until we got married and gave him no choice! And then to follow up on Eric snoring. When you get back to bed you must wake him and let him know that you are the pregnant one and the one requiring the sleep. So he needs to move himself to some position that allows for no snoring. If this doesn't work - I pray for you that the three weeks comes to a quick end so that you wear your husband out on all your food cravings! I'm thinking we could take advantage at work too..... =) Enjoy!

  4. Eric that is what they all say....
    Michelle, start taking 10 to 15 Min power nap that is about the time it takes Eric to get lunch ready, right??
    Love the blog what a great idea...