Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not Quite the Beginning of the Beginning

Well, here it is. After having been pregnant for the last 9 weeks, knowing I'm pregnant for the last 3, and contemplating this blog for the last few days, I've finally sat down and started.

I want to use this blog to keep friends and family (both those we see a lot and those we don't) updated on the pregnancy. Unfortunately, I'm a procrastinator and somewhat lazy, so I'm going to depend on my husband and your enthusiasm to keep me going on it.

The title for the blog came from a friend of Eric's who coined the term "Niesling". We both thought it was appropriate and funny enough to be included.

As I said, I'm approximately nine weeks along. And sadly, I have been experiencing the wonder that is morning sickness for most of the time. I don't actually get sick, I'm just queasy and uncomfortable almost all day long. Except after lunch and dinner, which it's nice to get some relief. Thankfully I only have three weeks left until the second trimester starts, so hopefully the nauseousness will go away like all the women I've talked to say it does.

Other than the sickness, and frequent bathroom runs, I haven't felt too much different. Okay, there are the occasionally dizzy moments, and I can't concentrate very well in the morning, and I'm constantly hungry, but other than that...

I have not yet been to see the doctor. I did go in the Monday after we found out and saw a CNP. They did all the blood tests and such, and have not called me, so I'm assuming all is well until I do see the doctor. That appointment is scheduled for Wednesday October 7th. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Also, we do plan to find out the gender, and will be telling everyone who wants to know. Why just add to the stress of delivery when we can know now and decorate accordingly? (And let my mother-in-law know so she can plan her shopping accordingly as well. And anyone else too. :) )

The funny thing about this is we have two couples that are friends who are also pregnant right now! Unfortunately they do not live close so I have to depend on email and facebook to ask them my questions and commiserate.

Hm... Is there anything else I need to tell you in this post? Well, I haven't had any cravings yet. Unless you count the fact that as soon as I think of a food (Chinese food, chocolate chip muffins, yogurt, etc) I immediately want to eat it and will not stop thinking about it until I do. Eric is not digging this part of the pregnancy, but has agreed to start going on my food runs when I hit the second trimester. Only 3 weeks to go!

I hope you guys find this interesting and feel free to email me or leave questions in the comments and I will answer them!


  1. Congrats! I started my blog for the same reason. It's just easier than making 17 different phone calls when something happens and answering the same questions over and over.

    I look forward to keeping track of your posts and comparing with you!

  2. So very excited that you have joined the blogland! I started the first one almost 3 years ago now to keep people in tune about the then one child and now two that we have! It is great and I now have 3 other blogs! Look forward to the updates!

  3. Just a suggestion, but Nev Superfly Nies would be an appropriate and awesome name for wither a boy or girl.